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~Forum Rules~

1. No Flaming!
-Dont fight in a topic, or argue non stop with some one. You can have a civilized conversation if you don't agree on something.

2. No Spamming
-Don't just post lol, or any other one word posts. Or even just post a bunch of smileys. You will be warned, and then temporarily banned for a second offense in the same day.

3. Don't go off-topic
-If were discussing a new jutsu, dont talk abot how your day at school/work was.

4. Do not double-post:
- Instead of double posting, just edit your topic by pressing the "editor" button.

5. Do not advertise without permission.
-Only affiliates may advertise. This does not include talking about another game if its on topic.

6. No swearing
-If you simply have to, use symbols. ex @, ***.

7. Enjoy the forum
-Dont keep asking when the game is coming out, or if were actually going to finish. The best you can do to help is just post, and suggest ideas!

*These rules are in Beta, and are subject to change.
*All rules broken are warned twice, followed by 3 day ban. If you continue to break the rules your account will be deleted.

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