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Good news!

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1Good news! Empty Good news! on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:45 pm


Today I contacted my old friend Hardik.

He was my programmer when I first got started in BYOND.

He recruited me when I told him that I hardly knew how to sprite :P

From then on, I increased my skills slowly, making D level sprites based on looking at other sprites. To me at the time, it was all just a bunch of colorful squares!

Eventually, I became better and better and people began to recognize that.

However, through the few years that i've known him. We really only made one game.

Naruto: The Legacy. the first game I had ever worked on and met him through it!

Since then we tried to do many things, recreating naruto games because we both had a passion for it.

However we failed, many due to my lack of motivation being the only spriter out of a 2 man team lol.

However, we've always had a thing for working on a naruto game together and even though we never really pulled one off, we still tried.

But with the help of this community, I feel that eventually we could!

He's in college right now, working on programming for game developement. Great right? I know!

He'll be studying Java next semester.

Why do I need to know that? you might ask.

Because if you haven't heard already, Eclipse is going to be updating at some point in the near future, after the announcement last year. The only reason it hasn't been released sooner is because it's mainly based off of volunteer work.

But it's being re-worked into Java. Which is object oriented programming. Hardiks key area.

Similar to what BYOND uses in SOME ways, but much much more powerful.

With this, stuff would be a lot easier to do. Like clones and replacement jutsu! haha.

Also, far more creative GUI's can be implemented. Let's hope he joins us Smile

We'll be talking to each other about it more tomorrow.

If he does, i'll be giving him joint ownership, and be re-establishing Administrative positions throughout the community and in-game GM's.

Oturan will have a transformation.

Anyways, I encourage everyone to continue what they've been doing. Motivating everyone to keep it up!

Also, if you have a sprite or something, send it to me via PM.

Until next time!


Good news! Tydoncopy

2Good news! Empty Re: Good news! on Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:52 pm


Yay! we've found a replacement for good ol' Oturan Very Happy Welcome Hardik.

3Good news! Empty Re: Good news! on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:10 pm


Haha, sounds good. I was always waiting around for Solar Eclipse (the java version of eclipse).

I left the game in good hands. Smile

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4Good news! Empty Re: Good news! on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:34 pm


Great news Tydon! I'm glad to see things are really getting on track so quickly. Welcome to Hardik by the way!

Good news! 20304f24a37c866b808f91af866f7a2e

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