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Cain: I Was 'Falsely Accused' Mmorpg11
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Cain: I Was 'Falsely Accused'

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1Cain: I Was 'Falsely Accused' Empty Cain: I Was 'Falsely Accused' on Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:52 pm


Academy Student
Academy Student
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said on Monday that he had been "falsely accused'' of sexual harassment during the time he led a restaurant-industry trade association in the late 1990s, and that he had never harassed anyone.

"Those accusations are totally false,'' Mr. Cain said in an address at the National Press Club, which had been scheduled before the website Politico reported Sunday night that two women accused him of "sexually suggestive behavior" while he led the National Restaurant Association. Politico said the complaints were resolved with monetary settlements.

Mr. Cain said the resurfacing of the allegations was a "witch hunt'' and that he wholesale jerseys carries a bigger "bull's-eye on my back" due to his recent lead in several polls for the GOP contest. He said the allegations would not affect his campaign.

On Monday, people familiar with Mr. Cain's tenure as a board member and later president of the restaurant association gave conflicting views of his time there. Two people with knowledge of the situation told The Wall Street Journal that the trade group came to a financial agreement with at least one female employee in the late 1990s after she alleged an inappropriate advance by Mr. Cain.

One of these people said that Mr. Cain, during an industry-related cheap mlb jerseys conference, asked a female employee of the association to visit his room. The person said that woman declined Mr. Cain's suggestion, there was no physical contact and Mr. Cain was not intimidating. A second person, a member of the restaurant association's board, told the Journal that a special committee of the trade group's board looked into the woman's complaint.

Both people said the investigation resulted in a financial arrangement. It was unclear whether the agreement was a settlement tied to the woman's complaint or was a more routine severance payment linked to an employee's departure.

W.W. "Biff" Naylor, a California restaurant owner and restaurant nfl jerseys cheap association board member, cast doubt on the idea of a legal settlement by the trade group.

Mr. Naylor said he was unaware during Mr. Cain's three-year tenure at the association of any sexual allegations concerning Mr. Cain. Mr. Naylor said he also was unaware of any harassment-related settlement going before the executive board, on which he also served.

"There is no way we would have paid a settlement without this going before the executive board," said Mr. Naylor, who as chairman hired Mr. Cain as the trade group's president in 1996.

In his speech at the press club, Mr. Cain said the trade group had jerseys wholesale conducted an investigation, led by its general counsel and human resources manager, and that he was unaware of any financial arrangement that might have resulted. "I hope it wasn't for much, because I didn't do anything,'' he said.

Mr. Cain detailed portions of one allegation in an interview later Monday on the Fox News show "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" involving a woman different from the one who claimed she was invited to his room. He said a woman was in his office one day and he noted yotoforum how she was the same height as his wife. "And that was put in there as something that made her feel uncomfortable as part of the sexual harassment charge," he said. In the interview, he said "there was some sort of settlement or termination," that it was for far less than originally asked for, and indicated that he was learning new facts as the day went on.

In a separate matter, Mr. Cain's campaign manager, Mark Block, said he had asked the campaign's attorney to investigate a report that Mr. Block may have illegally paid for some early campaign activities.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported a Wisconsin-based nonprofit cheap nfl jerseys corporation set up by Mr. Block and a second person was owed about $40,000 for iPads and chartered flights for Mr. Cain in February and March.

The paper cited an internal balance sheet from the nonprofit group, Prosperity USA, that indicated it was owed $37,372.41 by Mr. Cain's campaign. Under campaign-finance law, companies are prohibited from donating money, equipment and services to presidential candidates. Companies are also forbidden from making loans to candidates, though individuals can donate up to $2,500 per election to a candidate.
Prosperity USA was set up by Mr. Block and Linda Hansen, Mr. Cain's deputy campaign manager. Mr. Block, in a statement, said he "may comment, if appropriate," when the review is complete.

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